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After you have given a solid start to your dissertation work, it is time to strengthen its backbone, which means you must develop your content well and perform your data analysis and interpretation right. It can help you cruise on bullet and finish better with your work. At this stage of your dissertation development, our academic writers and statisticians assist you with the correct writing styles and analytical techniques relevant for your research. Find out how our services make your project powerful.

  • Dissertation development: We have well-qualified academic writers who are not only aware of the intricacies of the research process, but are also knowledgeable about the different academic writing styles, including the Harvard style. They help you develop your custom dissertation following the rules of the native language and the format specified by your university or college. Our writers discuss your entire study with you, and accordingly, design the writing plan for your dissertation.

    They ensure to create a document that is unique and original. We always give you dissertation content that is free of plagiarism of all kinds and free of all linguistic and formatting errors. We also cite your sources and write references in the Harvard style or another style you require. Our aim is to create a clear and logical work of research that leaves a lasting impression on your target readers.
  • Chapter writing: Sometimes, research students do not have problems writing all the chapters of their dissertations. If you feel that you also need help and guidance with the creation of a specific chapter, then we can only help you with that particular chapter. You may not need to avail our comprehensive dissertation writing service in this case, instead you just need to avail our dissertation chapter writing service. Our writers ensure to develop your chapter in sync with other chapters. They learn your issues and guide you on handling your writing troubles.

    Whether you require support with presenting your literature sources or want assistance in writing your discussion or conclusion, we do it all at 99Dissertations. You may even ask us to create your bibliography or cite your sources. You can rely on us when it comes to getting structured content that is well woven within the context of your problem and is designed to communicate your views, ideas, and arguments logically. Additionally, our experts give you a zero-error and authentic write-up of high quality and credibility.
  • Statistical support: We use the latest statistical software when it comes to the analysis of your data. Our statistical help not only lets you choose relevant analytical techniques and tests for data analysis, but also leads your research at other stages. For instance, you may take help from our statisticians when you are unable to find the right tools for data collection or need to design your questionnaire or survey. Our statisticians help you in creating apt questions and checking the reliability and validity of your tool.

    Whether you are doing a qualitative or quantitative research, we can assist you with data filtering, organisation, and management. We help you analyse your complex data sets and churn out useful information. We can also use specific software if your academic institution recommends it. Our statisticians have the knowledge of various tools, including SAS, SPSS, R, EViews, and Excel. They can even take out useful reports that can help you in interpreting and discussing your findings. With our statistical support, you do not need to be scared of numbers, tests, graphs, charts, or tables. We make it all simple and quick for you.

With our timely assistance, you can surely cruise on bullet and save your efforts and time for other research tasks. You may seek more information on any of these dissertation completion services by getting in touch with us at We are always there to answer all your queries and make you avail relevant help on time.


  • I received the edited dissertation from your experts yesterday and it looks impressive. Now looking forward to the feedback of my guide, will inform you if any revisions is required. - Adam Knowles
  • I really admire the fact that you guys helped me when the deadline to submit the proposal was just next week. Thanks for the urgent assistance! - Ben Mitchell
  • It was impressive to find that your experts were really concerned about my work and were in constant touch to make my document flawless. Delighted with the experience of working with your team.- Nicole Moore
  • Very convenient process of writing perfect dissertation with the help of subject matter experts. Kudos to your team! - Alex Walker
  • I was stuck at the data analysis and interpretation chapter of my dissertation and on recommendation from a friend I opted for your services. I am completely satisfied with the results of my dissertation.- Isobel Goddard
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