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At 99Dissertations, we understand how challenging it is to keep up with your assignments, research documentation, and various other academic tasks while trying to achieve a Master’s degree successfully. Thus, we have come up with a variety of dissertation support services and custom guidance for students who want to give their research documentation a powerful start like a pro. Following are the ways through which we provide dissertation support services:

  • Dissertation proposal development: This is the first step towards doing research and developing your dissertation. Therefore, we target to help you write an impressive proposal that reflects your ideas and understanding of the research process and your proposed study clearly and meaningfully. We make you follow the proposal guidelines of your university and help you structure your document well. We highlight the likely contributions of your study and explain its usefulness towards filling in the existing research gaps. Hence our dissertation proposal development service in UK ensures to provide you with a flawlessly written proposal.
  • Dissertation topic selection: If you are still confused about selecting an interesting topic for your dissertation, then our consultants guide you on it too with our dissertation topic selection service. They understand your ideas, interests, and academic needs in detail before coming up with certain topics that may be of interest to you and hold a good scope of investigation. They explore the existing literature and find the domains in which contributory research can be performed. Based on your resource availability and feasibility of topics, you are given a few shortlisted topics so you may select the most relevant and appealing one for your dissertation.
  • Research design: With their detailed knowledge of research procedures and methodologies, our consultants help you give a strong foundation to your dissertation by the choice of right research design. Our experts are skilled at formulating a clear problem and apt hypothesis, as well as choosing the best of sampling methods and data collection techniques and tools for your specific study. They keep the entire process interactive with your complete involvement.
  • Literature review: Our consultants and writers mentor you to choose the most relevant studies that can form a strong base for your dissertation. They tell you to consult specific informational sources that can give you the latest references to form the right context for your study. Our writers also ensure to review the literature in your dissertation in a proper format suggested by your college.

Through the above solutions, we aim to help you develop a contributory study that displays strength, conciseness, relevance, and originality from its very start. Our consultants offering proposal development service in UK can guide you in all academic fields and on studies with any topic. Whether you need to take up a qualitative or quantitative research, we are always there to give it a powerful backbone. Know more about our services by writing to us at You will definitely start like a pro.


  • I received the edited dissertation from your experts yesterday and it looks impressive. Now looking forward to the feedback of my guide, will inform you if any revisions is required. - Adam Knowles
  • I really admire the fact that you guys helped me when the deadline to submit the proposal was just next week. Thanks for the urgent assistance! - Ben Mitchell
  • It was impressive to find that your experts were really concerned about my work and were in constant touch to make my document flawless. Delighted with the experience of working with your team.- Nicole Moore
  • Very convenient process of writing perfect dissertation with the help of subject matter experts. Kudos to your team! - Alex Walker
  • I was stuck at the data analysis and interpretation chapter of my dissertation and on recommendation from a friend I opted for your services. I am completely satisfied with the results of my dissertation.- Isobel Goddard
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