5 Lessons I Wish I had Learnt before Embarking on My Dissertation Journey!

Preparing  a dissertation is one of the most demanding and daunting tasks during the Master’s journey. Although it helps you get one-step closer to acquiring the degree you always dreamt of, you may not realize the challenges that coexist with the writing process. While there is a group of students who are rejoicing on the completion of the dissertation, there is another set of students who are preparing themselves to march into the battle. Are you one among them who is all excited and nervous about the writing process? But be aware of a few warning signs before you begin with the writing process and that can ease your woes. Some of them include:

  1. Excess information – While writing a dissertation, you might want to include every piece of  information available that are relevant to your study. But the truth is, you cannot fit in every bit of information into your dissertation. You will have to pick the most suitable and required content that shapes your dissertation from the gathered information and incorporate it. Also, know that the majority of the time institutes demand word count (which is to be strictly followed). If you don’t know how to include only the necessary information, take help from the writers offering dissertation help in UK.  
  2. Selecting a great guide – Before starting to write your dissertation you find a great supervisor who can guide you throughout the process and make the overall experience much better. You need not choose someone who is a subject-matter ace, but one who is capable of helping you in the writing process would be the right choice. Pick someone who is easily available, positive and gives you feedback from time to time.
  3. Expectation of the reader – Students often go through this stage during the writing process. I.e. inability to reach up to the reader’s expectations. People may look for some mind-blowing topics in your dissertation or historical events even though you are not working on those concepts. Remember, it’s you who is working on the dissertation and you need to know it’s importance. Ignore the rest.
  4. Justify your choice – In your research methodology section, explain the reason behind choosing the particular research and tool. Describe the complex steps involved in the research procedure and the crucial reason for opting for specific research procedure & tool. Also provide a brief description about the special characteristics of the research tool (if any).
  5. Freak out time – There comes a time when you will end up freaking during the writing process. You may probably feel that whatever you wrote is a complete disaster and may even start penning down a new one. But stop there. Don’t start rewriting unless there are serious flaws in your work or your supervisor asks you to rewrite.

No matter how hard it is, take up the challenge and complete the dissertation. However, if you are running out of time, you can consider taking assistance from writers providing dissertation help in UK.

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