How to complete a Dissertation in 90 Days

Many research scholars may believe that it is a crazy notion that one can complete their dissertation in just 90 days. But if you are motivated and ready for some hard work, you can easily accomplish the task in such a short timeframe.

Consider some of the following tips that can help you in completing your dissertation in just 90 days.

Fix time for emails
Reading and replying to your emails may significant amount of your time. When you are frequently checking your mails, not only your work pace gets disturbed, but if it is a mail from a loved one or your friend, you may get emotional reading it and your mind may get diverted from your dissertation. So, fix a time for emails like half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Check and reply to mails during this time to ensure that you do not get distracted when you are working in your dissertation.

Choose the times to work on your dissertation
Select times when you are highly productive, like in the mornings, evenings or even at nights. You can pick these hours to work on your dissertation and do nothing else. Additionally, choose a place where you want to work, in your bedroom or dining area, or sitting in your working desk. Claim your own private space where you won’t get disturbed by roommates, loved ones or friends. Ensure that you have adequate lighting in the room and all the equipment and materials you require.

Jot down your work routine for the next 90 days
If you do not have a work routine, you may get confused. So, before you start working on your dissertation, you can lay down your working plan, including the time frame you require for completing the introduction, literature review, methodology page, results, evaluation and summary. In this way, you will have a clear idea about the time you need to dedicate for each chapter. This will help you remain focused and complete your dissertation within the specific time frame.

Map out a plan to deal with writer’s block
During these 90 days, you may often face writer’s block. So, decide how you are going to get out of the writer’s block, like going out for a movie with friends, chatting with your loved ones, reading your favorite novel, watching television or doing nothing but simply relaxing.

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