Know why Your Research Proposal was Turned Down by Your Review Committee

You cannot get admission in any top ranking UK university unless your research proposal gets approved. However, the irony is that more than 80% scholars face rejection on the first go when they submit a proposal to their university committee. About 15% of the PhD applicants do not even get a call for interview after submitting their PhD proposals.

Hiring professionals for proposal development service in UK is often the sole remedy for struggling scholars who are caught in the web of revisions and rejections. Causes of dismissal of a research proposal are varied, so we have got you 5 most common reasons cited by top companies providing proposal writing services in UK.

**We also extracted tips for you to perform better in your next research writing project!  

  • You didn’t follow the formatting guidelines

The first thing that a research board will analyse is whether or not you have followed submission guidelines. Make sure that you are fully aware of your university’s instructions and haven’t slipped up anywhere in layout, margins, font size, word limit, referencing style, headings (and subheadings) and so forth.

  1. You forgot the essentials
  • Importance of your problem statement

There is an infinite number of problems out of which you have to pick the one that is worth solving, and you also have to convince your university staff that your research will result in solutions that would be contributing to the area of your research. This is  tough task to do, if not impossible. Conveying the analytical importance of your research to the committee is essential.

For instance, if your topic is “Challenges encountered by cybercrime investigation authorities,” you have to mention problems, for example, gathering of evidence, that are commonly faced by authorities to catch perpetrators. Further, you will also notify how these impediments wreak havoc on investigation and are increasing the rate of cybercrime. You will also give details of expected solutions such as software to detect suspicious activities, widespread awareness among people etc. that will help prevent cybercrime. This will make your committee understand your research problem and expected outcomes that stand to benefit society (among others).

  • Why this time

You are not alone who has been working on the same problem. Your research committee will ask you if there is any possibility to go ahead with the same problem and get any novel output.

For instance, having researched the effects of “Postpartum depression on mothers and their infants development” for decades, many medicines have been put out to control psychological impairment of kids who had been neglected by their moms due to depression. So what new can be done to solve this problem?

You have to tell how different studies have helped pharmaceuticals discover causes of postpartum depression that assisted them to manufacture medicines or healers accordingly. Besides, how your research is going to be unique to find a solution to treat a cause that has been left unexplored to date. Finding a suitable company providing Proposal Development Service in UK involved in pharmaceutical research works will be a rational decision in this case.

  • Why you are the right person

You have convinced your readers that the problem you have chosen is worthwhile to be solved, but your work doesn’t end here. Research proposals can get rejected due to inappropriate qualifications of the researcher despite workable research ideas. You have to make the committee believe that you are the correct person that fits the role. You have to indicate your fitness related to subject knowledge, research abilities required for a PhD research in the chosen field.

  1. The research objective is not clearly stated

You must ensure that you have stated the objective of your research explicitly. The easier to find information in a proposal, the higher the chances of acceptance. The objectives must be in line with the problem statement presented, and indicate research worthiness to academia.

  1. There is a mismatch between research question and results drawn

The overall purpose of writing a research proposal is to highlight the objectives to be met and questions to be answered, and predict the probable outcomes of research. If there is a misfit between the two, the essence of conducting research is dissolved.

  1. Adopted research methodology is not appropriate

The committee might question your choice of research paradigm, research approach or even the research method used. Well-supported justifications for the choices made stand to lend your research a greater chance of approval.

A research proposal must reflect your credibility and writing ability to convey the right message to target audiences. So before submitting a proposal to your committee, you should thoroughly edit it to check subject-verb agreement, spellings and grammatical errors, along with checking for other essential ingredients. Follow these guidelines to mend disastrous errors committed during proposal development, or opt for some proposal development service provider in UK.  

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